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About the Owner

Ryan Wheeler has worked in the landscaping field since 1997. He started out at Harbor Lawn Service, a landscaping company based in York, Maine, and worked for the company for more than two years until the owner decided to get out of the business. Ryan was offered a few customers here and there as Harbor Lawn Service started to cut back.
Due to his lack of experience and knowledge in specific areas, he wanted to be certain that he was practicing correct landscaping techniques and improving the landscapes based on knowledge instead of guesswork. Too often today, Ryan sees trees and plants dying because they are being planted incorrectly or poorly pruned, which allows pests and diseases to enter the plants. That is why he decided to get a formal education, so that he could provide better work.
After high school, Ryan attended the Thompson School of Applied Sciences at the University of New Hampshire, where he took multiple classes in plant and tree identification, pests and diseases, irrigation, design, maintenance, plant structure and function, weeds, business management, and landscape construction. He graduated with honors and an Associate's Degree in Landscape Operations and Horticulture. His main goal in the landscape industry is to practice sustainable practices and to educate employees and customers.
Ryan Wheeler, Landscaping Company in Eliot, ME

The Company

Ryan started The Greens Keeper LLC in 2003, during his first year of college. Since opening, the company has grown to offer a broad range of services, from lawn maintenance to installation to hardscape work. Although the company is expanding, we are still small enough to know our customers on a personal level, and we plan to keep it that way. Our plan is to grow while still maintaining a close connection with each of our clients.
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